New Pact for Europe 2013-2015

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New Pact for Europe – Promoting the European Debate

The New Pact for Europe project aims to promote a Europe-wide debate on reform proposals addressing the fundamental questions which need to be answered to develop an effective response to the multi-dimensional crisis Europeans are facing.


The project will be divided into four main phases in the course of 2013-2014.

Debates in Member States
Debates in Member States

The goal of the New Pact for Europe project is to foster a wider public debate on the EU's future at both European and national level, involving not only policy-makers but also citizens.

Reflection Group

The Reflection Group includes top opinion-makers from different EU Member States, who have a genuine interest in the success of European integration.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group will bring together high-ranking policy-makers, academics, NGO representatives and other stakeholders.

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The New Pact for Europe project was launched by the King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium) and is supported by a large transnational consortium of institutions.

Flgs of EU Member States
National partners

The debates in the Member States are organized in cooperation with a number of partner organizations.

Partnering the New Pact for Europe