António Vitorino

President of Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute

António Vitorino is the President of Notre Europe, the European think tank founded by Jacques Delors, since June 2011.

António Vitorino, a lawyer by profession since 1982, has been an associate at the law firm Cuatrecasas,Gonçalves Pereira & Associados since 2005. Elected to parliament in 1980, he was Minister for Parliamentary Affairs in the government of Mario Soares (1983-85), then Deputy Secretary in the government of Macau (1986-87).
He was a judge on Portugal's constitutional court (1989-94) before being elected MEP in 1994. In 1995 he became Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister of Portugal.
In 1999 António Vitorino was appointed European Commissioner for Justice and Internal Affairs, a post he occupied until 2004. As a representative of the European Commission he took part in both the convention which drew up the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Convention on the Future of Europe.

António Vitorino, born in 1957 in Lisbon, holds a degree in law from the University of Lisbon and a master's degree in political science.