Guillaume Klossa

Guillaume Klossa is a founding president of EuropaNova, a European think tank based in Paris dedicated to European integration and European general interest. EuropaNova federates new generations of European opinion shapers in all disciplines.

He was special adviser to Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the minister in charge of the French presidency of the European Union before serving the reflection group on the future of Europe chaired by former premier Felipe Gonzalez at European Council. He then worked on the economic governance of the EU and the eurozone. In 2011-2012, Mr Klossa chaired the commission "Innovation and production in Europe" of the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, which led him to study innovation and production policies of Brazil, China and the USA. Under his leadership, EuropaNova contributed to launch some ideas which contributed to nutrue the reflection on key European achievements such the Lisbon treaty, the European stability mechanism or the "Erasmus for all" project. He is also the founder of one the first European young leaders' programs, "40under40", and of "Etats Généraux de l’Europe", a major European citizen forum. He got the "Europe promotion" book prize in 2012 for "Europe, la dernière chance?" (Armand Colin, 2011). He has also worked in the private sector where he held top management responsibilities, in particular he was vice president for McDonald's. He is a graduate of HEC Business School, Sciences Po Paris and London School of Economics.