Citizens' advisory group in Lyon

Event type
Citizens' advisory group
City, Country
Lyon, France
Participating member of the Reflection Group

The Citizens’ Advisory Group in France took place on 23 November 2013, in Lyon. It was organised by EuropaNova, a French think-tank. The citizens participating in the French consultation were randomly invited according to the following criteria: different age groups, different vocations, gender, attitude towards Europe (to provide a balance) and willingness to be part of a discussion on the future of Europe.

The citizens represented at the Citizens’ Advisory Group in France preferred Strategic Option 5 “Change the logic “more” or “less” Europe” which was given 26,3% of the vote. Their reasons for the choice ranged from
- New impetus for the EU
- Common values through culture and education
- Common future for all European citizens
- Feeling of belonging to the EU
- More trust in the European institutions

Overall, most participants viewed Strategic Option 5 as a means to bridge the gap between citizens and the EU although there was disagreement regarding the fact that the EU should then be seen as a model for other regions of the world: citizens widely agreed on the necessity to differentiate and respect all cultures.

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