Citizens' advisory group in Oxford

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Citizens' advisory group
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Oxford, UK
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The Citizensʼ Advisory Group in the UK took place on 7th December 2013 in Oxford. The citizens participating in the UK consultation live in or near Oxford and were randomly invited according to the following criteria: different age groups, different vocations, gender, attitude towards Europe (to provide a balance) and willingness to be part of a discussion on the future of Europe.
The  event  was  organised  by  Val  Webster,  independent  conference  organiser, and Pexel who specialise in telephone research and event recruitment.

The citizens represented at the Citizensʼ Advisory Group in the UK preferred Strategic Option 5, which was given 42% of the vote. Their reasons for the choice ranged from the need to radically rethink the EU institutions and set up a more future-oriented EU to giving more power back to the UK to spend on services such as university education and the National Health Service (i.e. similar to Strategic Option 1). Overall, most participants viewed Strategic Option 5 as a possibility to end the frustration and disappointment connected to the  EU  and  of  increasing  the  knowledge  and  understanding  citizens  need.

However, some citizens avoided voting for Strategic Option 5, as they felt it was too close to “back to basics”, thus retaining the “more-or-less-EU-logic”. Strategic  Option  2  was  also  voted  for  highly:  38%  of  the  citizens  liked  the gradual, evolutionary approach which has the potential to move forward more ambitiously once current rules are better implemented and the EU engages better with its citizens, including more representative decision making. Those
who  voted  for  Strategic  Option  2  expect  an  increase  in  accountability  and transparency  and  hope  to  see  more  economic  well-being  and  peace  if  the UK is part of the future EU.

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