Citizens' advisory group in Turin

Event type
Citizens' advisory group
City, Country
Turin, Italy
Giovanni Grevi

The Citizens’ Advisory Group in Italy took place on 25th January 2014 in Turin. The discussion among the participants was lively and intense. They showed a good level of interest for the European project even if they manifested a vague sense of European identity, due mainly to the widespread lack of trust towards the response provided by EU institutions to what is perceived as a serious crisis.

On the basis of these opinions, a majority of the citizens involved preferred Strategic Option 2, “Consolidating past achievements”. The reasons for their choice ranged from (1) the request to improve the current EU tools and policies to give a tangible and feasible answer to the economic crisis; to (2) avoiding a return to the past but also an uncertain leaping towards a stronger Union without consolidating first what has been already built. Overall, most participants viewed Strategic Option 2 as the best way to enhance transparency and flexibility of the EU policies, achieving - at the same time - a workable solution for the national economic deficiencies. However, an high percentage of citizens showed doubts regarding the inadequate level of integration offered by option 2. For these citizens, the present crisis required a more ambitious harmonization of national policies and an increase of the EU budget, as suggested by option 3.

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