Second National Reflection Group meeting - France

Event type
National Reflection Group
20.02.2017 - 21.02.2017
City, Country
Paris, France
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Event Place

The French National Reflection Group (composed of around 20 high-ranking policy-makers, opinion leaders, NGO representatives, and other key stakeholders) met again to discuss the results of the two transnational meetings and determine what should be included in the national report.

The group analysed the current 'state of the Union' from a national perspective and reflected on the evolution of the 'national narrative' about European integration and the EU. The main challenges the EU and its member states are facing (especially the three key areas: economy, security and migration) have been discussed more in-depth in order to develop ideas and recommendations on how the EU and its members should react to them, taking into account the current state of the Union as well as the 'national narrative' about European integration and the EU.

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