Policy makers debate in Bratislava

Event type
Policy makers debate
City, Country
Bratislava, Slovakia
Local Organiser
Centre for European Affairs
Janis Emmanouilidis

On 24 February 2015, in the framework of the New Pact for Europe project, the Centre for European Affairs organized a policy makers debate in Bratislava. The event was opened by the presentation of the second report of the project, which was followed by a debate among participants.

Some of the Slovak policy-makers stated that they do not feel a strong economic and social fragmentation in Slovakia, but put notable accent on the increasing geopolitical fragmentation in Central Europe, especially when it comes to taking concrete actions concerning Russia. They also expressed the need for structural reforms to prevent future crisis and raised the issue of the future of the Eurozone.

The Energy Union as a new grand project was questioned due to the difficulties of implementing it. Participants saw a greater potential in the digital agenda, the digital single market, as something to which the Central European member states invest a lot of energy and could find common grounds to implement. Slovak policy-makers also pointed that there is a need to have in the report a business point of view and business-friendly measures that are crucial to the future success of the European integration project.

Some of the Slovak policy-makers saw the report as overly ambitious. They argued that a bargain regarding the future of European integration has to come from the member states themselves.

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