Policy makers debate in Budapest

Event type
Policy makers debate
City, Country
Budapest, Hungary
Local Organiser
Open Society Institute

The New Pact for Europe policy-makers debate in Hungary, organized jointly by the Foundation Open Society Institute and the Political Capital Institute, took place on the 20th of February 2014 at the Corner Venue Center in Budapest.

All the participants of the workshop agreed that the options presented foster a healthy debate about the problem, and mostly cover all the relevant issues of the European crisis.

The participants’ answers were distributed from option 2 to 5. Most of the participants would choose the federalist option 4, which they deemed more realistic option 2 or 3. Some members opted for option 5, which was considered by all the participants as inspirational. Focusing on options 2 and 3, they were viewed as posing the risk of getting stuck in an institutional approach and debate.

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