Public stakeholders event in Bratislava

Event type
Public stakeholders event
City, Country
Bratislava, Slovakia
Local Organiser
German Marshall Fund, The Centre for European Affairs

Speakers at the 'Deciding Europe’s Future' debate in Bratislava have discussed the five Strategic Options for Europe’s future. The public debate, which took place on 9th April, was organised by the Centre for European Affairs, a member of Strategy Council. Although the participants have not agreed on which option the EU should choose, the general consensus was that certain reforms would be necessary.

Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies at the Brussels-based European Policy Center, has said that we seem to be moving along the option of consolidating past achievements. “At the same time, we are keeping the reform engine moving. The question is whether consolidation is enough”, added Mr. Emmanouilidis. He has also warned that fragmentation between and within EU member states is the most significant challenge Europe faces.

Juraj Karpiš, analyst from the Institute of Economic and Social Studies, believes that we should go to basics but “keep the EU because so much energy and capital have been invested”.

Vladimír Vaňo, chief analyst at Sberbank Europe, thinks that the answer to Europe’s future is a leap forward and the creation of economic and political union: “The stronger EU does not mean a decreasing power of member states.”

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