New Pact for Europe in Copenhagen,Thinkeuropa Festival 2015

Event type
Public stakeholders event
City, Country
Copenhagen, Denmark
Local Organiser
George Pagoulatos

On 28 May, 2015, T├Žnketanken EUROPA organized a public discussion in Copenhagen. The event attracted around 150 participants and Danish decision makers.


Several leading Danish politicians, among them Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard, were present and keynote speakers from Britain, Greece, Netherlands and Lithuania discussed the visions and concrete proposals behind the report (see the full list of speakers below).


Professor George Pagoulatos from New Pact for Europe Reflection Group presented the New Pact for Europe in an opening speech. The debate started with a discussion about European Energy Union and more resource efficient economy as a potential step towards greater integration. There was a great support for more enabling and proactive investment policy in the EU and the need to implement a more growth-oriented policy to the benefit of companies and citizens. 


The conference ended with debate on digital Europe. Could the next great leap forwards be driven by billions of sensors, big data and a new generation of robots creating digital services in ever more digitalized society? The discussants called for more proactive digital policy.



Speakers included:

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