Towards a New Pact for Europe: debating the necessity of the EU from a regional perspective


In a debate organised by the Europäische Bewegung Sachsen-Anhalt on 10 November in Halle (Germany), Andrej Stuchlik discussed the role of the EU for its citizens from a regional perspective in the framework of the second New Pact for Europe report. In his speech, he stressed the decreasing public support for the European project since the onset of the crisis in 2008. Only a renewed effort of the EU to address growing fragmentation might eventually restore the public support for further integration.

Other speakers included the Commissioner Günther Oettinger (video statement), the German MEP Sven Schulze, Gerhard Soyka of the Young European Federalists (JEF), the president of the regional parliament Sachsen-Anhalt, Detlef Gürth and Horst Schnellhardt former MEP, who moderated the debate.

Photo: Katrin Berger/ IHK Halle, 2014



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